IDEAL Slate & Leadership Nominations

The Fraternity’s Leadership and Nominating Committee (LNC) is always looking for Pi Phi’s interested in serving in official Fraternity leadership capacities. All members are encouraged to learn more about volunteering for Pi Beta Phi and may express interest here.

Upcoming dates for Pi Beta Phi’s nominations and elections process

March 27: Slate for 2023-2025 Officers will be posted on the Pi Phi website
March 31: Application deadline for any Challengers to the Slate
April 10: Challengers are posted on the Pi Phi website (if applicable)
July 2023: Elections at Pi Beta Phi’s 74th Biennial Convention

Pi Beta Phi expects that slated and challenger candidates adhere to the Fraternity's Candidate Conduct Rules.

Want to know more?

If you are interested in learning more about Pi Beta Phi’s nominations and elections process, or if you have question, please contact Pi Phi's Leadership and Nominating Committee.

Pi Phi By the Numbers

More than 150 years ago, 12 courageous young women at Monmouth College came together to form a new organization grounded in the values of Integrity, Lifelong Commitment, Honor & Respect, Personal & Intellectual Growth, Philanthropic Service to Others and Sincere Friendship. Learn more about Pi Beta Phi with some fast facts about our sisterhood.

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