Transitioning to Alumnae Life

Pi Phi for Life is senior member programming, part of Pi Beta Phi’s overall Leading with Values® member development program. We rely on our alumnae to remain engaged and support the Fraternity after graduation. We believe members still have much to gain from Pi Phi well after their collegiate experience. Pi Phi for Life aids in the transition from collegiate member to young alumna and enhances the second half of collegiate membership.

Signature Workshops

Members experience three Signature Workshops during their three final semesters as a collegian. These workshops replace a chapter meeting and provide space for members to reflect on their Pi Phi experiences, their lasting legacy, and giving and serving as alumnae. Each workshop is delivered by the Director Lifelong Membership and accompanied by a video message from Pi Phi alumnae.

Facilitator and participant guides are available in the Resource Library by using the search term “Pi Phi for Life.” The Senior Engagement Guide is also a helpful guide to make the remaining semesters of your members' undergraduate careers meaningful.

Congratulations, Seniors! Welcome to alumnae life.

Enrichment Resources

Pi Phi for Life enrichment resources are meant to enhance Signature Workshops and offer advice on being a Pi Phi alumna — straight from Pi Phi alumnae members! Enrichment resources are engaging videos that offer encouragement and guidance to senior members on topics that are most relevant to their experiences.

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Leading with values.

Pi Phi's collegiate and alumnae programming is designed to promote friendship, develop women of intellect and integrity, cultivate leadership potential and enrich lives through community service.

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