Share your Sisterhood Story

As Pi Phis, we cherish the authentic, irreplaceable bonds that connect us for life. Sisterhood Stories are shared throughout convention and on social media to showcase the power of our sisterhood. 

Have your sisters supported you during a time of need? Did you recently connect with a Pi Phi Pal? How did you meet your closest sisters? How have you stayed connected or reconnected with sisters over the years? Where was the most unexpected place you met at Pi Phi? 

Submit your favorite Pi Phi memory—or “Sisterhood Story”—by May 31, 2023.

I was an establishing member of the Florida Epsilon Chapter at the University of Central Florida in the fall of 1980.  Following graduation, I frequently saw another charter member, Cindy Corday Pajak—who was a senior at the time, so I only spent one year in the chapter with her. We saw each other at alumnae club meetings and events throughout the years. Now, we serve on Florida Epsilon’s Alumnae Advisory Committee together and were roommates at Convention 2019! It’s been over 40 years since we first became sisters, and we still love spending time together.

Barbi Wilson Stiles, Florida Epsilon

My little sis, Coco, and I shared a lot of interests ranging from our strong faith, love for music, the importance of family, and valuing loyal, sincere friendships. But what bonded us more than anything was that out of all the lakes in the state of Minnesota, we vacationed to the same one, just a mile down the road from each other. Sometimes there are circumstances in life that make me believe there is something beyond coincidence, and that maybe this Big/Little pairing was written in the stars somewhere. 

Emily Jacobsen, Nebraska Gamma

Fourteen years after graduating from the University of Wyoming, I reconnected with seven of my Wyoming Alpha New Member class sisters for a weekend reunion. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we decided to meet again in two years and thus began a 34-year continuation of meeting every two years for a reunion. Together, we have shared many life memories including marriages, divorces, childbirth, miscarriages, adoptions, serious health issues, career ups and downs, various successes and failures, our children’s marriages and now, grandchildren stories. Our reunions have been a commitment we’ve made to each other to continue our Pi Phi sisterhood.

Vicki Petsch Wilson, Wyoming Alpha

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